Sunday, January 6, 2013

Truly Unflattering Pictures

I rarely love a photo of myself.  Even the one in my first post taken when I was at my thinnest, is not that great of a pic. There are few pictures I've ever seen of me, that I have truly loved and I'm pretty sure all of them are from childhood (mom has a frame full of my favorites that I gave to her for Mother's day years ago.).  It's not to say I suffer from extremely low self-esteem or anything.  Even at my current weight (you're dying to know how much I've lost so far right?... Stay tuned..) I think I'm an attractive human.  But photos just don't capture that on a regular basis.  Photos do however, tell a version of the truth that I don't always see in the mirror. At my thinnest, I still saw a heavier person in the mirror.  Now, I just see me, but I don't usually see the weight.  In photos I always see the weight (good or bad).  There's something about being able to freeze a moment, then step back and look at it.  There's power in that.  It was, after all, a photo that led me to join WW in the first place.  And a photo that has brought me back to it as well!

With all that in mind, I've decided to take a picture of myself each week.  No frills, no fuss, just 52 truly unflattering pictures taken with the terrible front facing camera on my cell phone.  I think I'll add one to the end of my post each week and with it I will document how much I've lost.  That should help keep me on track!

And now we have photo #1!

Along with (DRUM ROLL PLEASE) my total lost since December 23rd....


Ok, that's kind of awesome for 2 weeks on plan... I really don't expect that rate to stay the same, but I'm VERY happy with this as a beginning!  Honestly, I'll be elated any week with ANY loss. Even a -.1 on the scale will be a victory!

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