Sunday, May 26, 2013

Make A Bet

I read this week (on the ManMeetScale blog) about using money as an incentive for losing weight.  This is something I've done before with some success, and I decided I'd try it again to keep me motivated through the next month (and possibly the summer).

One of the podcasts I listen to had mentioned, where you can place a wager and split the winnings with anyone in the group that loses at least 4% of their weight in 4 weeks.  So, I joined a game with the ItSuxToBeFat blogger & her followers.  Today was the first day, but it's not to late to join in.  Click here and join our game!

Here's a little more about DietBet if you're curious:

I managed to gain 0.4lbs this week.  I blame it on having breakfast out this morning before weigh in!  These little ups are pretty standard for me, so they don't worry me much.  I will hopefully see a loss next week!

 -28.4 lbs

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Picture Comparison

This was me in December of 2012. The picture that made me see how much I had gained, and sent me running back to Weight Watchers.

Fast forward to May 2013, here I am now in the same shirt (one of my favorites)...

Ok, this picture is greatly enhanced by the presence of Andrew McCarthy!  I met him at Dallas Comicon this weekend.   He was there promoting his new book. It was a pleasure to meet him!

Famous actors aside, I'm pretty excited to see the improvement in my overall appearance in this pic!  It is hard to look in the mirror every day and notice a difference.  When I see these pictures together, it is a good reminder of my progress! 

-28.8 lbs!!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week

Happy Teacher Appreciation week everyone!  

This is the best week to work in schools, but the worst week to be on a diet!

My spaces were kind of out of control this week.  Everywhere I looked there was temptation!  I definitely said NO more than YES, but the scale has been on a rollercoaster all week.  Up a little one day and down a little the next.  Like this...

I weigh every day at home, and seeing the ups and downs this week was a little discouraging, but I knew the scale was showing the result of my choices.  Overall I'm happy to report a loss for the week!  I lost 2.4, so almost the 3 I was up last week!  

Weeks like this are to be expected, so I'm not discouraged overall.  I know it's just part of this journey I'm on. Here is a bit of inspiration I found recently to remind me to not give up.

I'm resolved to keep going, and have a plan for being more on plan this week!  In fact today I went to the grocery store and stocked the fridge with healthy foods for the week.  Check it out!

When I'm on plan the things you'd find in my fridge are:

  • SmartOnes frozen entrees
  • Fruit and veggies for snacks (already pre packaged into individual servings)
  • Greek yogurt
  • Low fat milk
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Turkey bacon
  • Isopure Protein Drink (I just started drinking this after workouts, they are 40 grams of protein with no carbs)

I actually even spent a little time pre-tracking my meals for the week. I tracked all my breakfast, lunch, and snack choices for the week.  I'm sure they will change a little, but at least most of my tracking is done and I can just make changes as needed.

 -25.8 lbs!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

+3 and WORTH IT!

I expected a gain this week.  I had planned a night out to celebrate my 10% loss, with food and drinks.  Then, on Friday (night before weigh in) I went out with some friends for burgers and drinks.  I tracked everything and even did some extra activity, but figured it would still be a gain on the scale.  I was expecting the scale to show +3 or +4.  I had a great week, other than the 2 overindulgent meals I stayed right on plan.  Even so, I knew the scale would be up a little with one of those meals being the night before weigh in.

The way I look at it, I'm in this for the long haul.  If this way of life is going to be sustainable, then I am going to need to allow for weeks where I let loose a little (not too much).  Life wouldn't be much fun without some social eating and drinking now and then!  So, I take this +3 with a smile on my face, thinking of the fun that was had!

I feel pretty confident that getting back on plan today and having a good week on plan will help take at least 1.5 of it off.  Hopefully I'll be over this gain within 2 weeks.  I do HATE how it takes twice as long to lose it as it does to gain it, but that's just the way of things.