Saturday, July 12, 2014

A "New" Dress

In spring of 2013, I bought a dress. That may seem like an unremarkable thing to most people, but I am not a "dress girl".  Actually, I think dresses are lovely and when I wear one I usually feel quite lovely.  However, wearing a dress sometimes makes me feel self conscious, like it will draw too much attention.  I would much rather blend into the crowd than get noticed in it for the most part.  Wearing a dress sometimes makes me feel like I am wearing a big neon "fat girl" sign.  I'm not really sure where that comes from.  Maybe some mean kid made fun of me when I wore a dress at some point in my childhood/adolescence?  Who knows?

Anyway, last year, I had lost a bit of weight, reached a goal I had set, and decided to do a little reward shopping.  I found this super cute teal and brown dress at Dress Barn.

Store name rant begin.
Really people?  Why would you name your store after a building for large animals?!?!  I will never understand that!
Rant end.

I was drawn to the dress right away, and when I put it on it fit great.  Then I took it home and hung it in the closet with my other dress (yep, just one).  I didn't have an "occasion" to wear it, so there it hung.

Last summer, I lost focus on my goals and as a result gained quite a bit of the weight I had lost back.  And I pretty much forgot about the dress.  Earlier this year, I needed a dress to wear to a wedding, Since I had lost a bit of weigh I decided to try on the "new" dress (now a year old).  While I did manage to get it on, it was snug, and I got that "fat girl" sign idea in my head.    So, I went with the other dress, which fit well and made me feel quite lovely.

I've lost about 12 lbs since then, and I am happy to say I finally got to wear that "new dress" today!  I like dresses.  They are lovely, and they make me feel lovely.  I think when I reach my next goal I will treat myself to another new dress.  If I keep buying and wearing dresses, maybe I can reprogram that "fat girl" sign in my head to read "lovely girl" instead!

Here is a lovely girl in a lovely dress!

      -29.6 lbs!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I Won!

I won my diet bet!  YAY!!!!

I've decided to bet again, but this time, I am doing a 6 month challenge.  I begins July 1 and ends in December with the goal of losing 10% of my weight. 10% loss from my current weigh would basically put me back at my record lowest weight.  How cool would that be?!?!

The difference with this long game is that each month there is a goal and a pot to split.  I look forward to sharing my progress on the goals here.

The biggest challenge will be the fact that the challenge ends right after the dreaded "holidays".  I'm not sure how I will handle that.  But I'm thankful for the motivation DietBet has been and will be for me!

I've set new HealthMonth goals too!
These are slightly different to my June goals.  I took out a couple of things I felt I had mastered and added a goal for staying under my recommended daily calorie intake.  I'll be using the Lose It!  App to keep track of calories.  I'm loving the app so far.  You should check it out! 

I keep forgetting to include my pic & weight update! Here it is!

-27.7 lbs