Saturday, July 12, 2014

A "New" Dress

In spring of 2013, I bought a dress. That may seem like an unremarkable thing to most people, but I am not a "dress girl".  Actually, I think dresses are lovely and when I wear one I usually feel quite lovely.  However, wearing a dress sometimes makes me feel self conscious, like it will draw too much attention.  I would much rather blend into the crowd than get noticed in it for the most part.  Wearing a dress sometimes makes me feel like I am wearing a big neon "fat girl" sign.  I'm not really sure where that comes from.  Maybe some mean kid made fun of me when I wore a dress at some point in my childhood/adolescence?  Who knows?

Anyway, last year, I had lost a bit of weight, reached a goal I had set, and decided to do a little reward shopping.  I found this super cute teal and brown dress at Dress Barn.

Store name rant begin.
Really people?  Why would you name your store after a building for large animals?!?!  I will never understand that!
Rant end.

I was drawn to the dress right away, and when I put it on it fit great.  Then I took it home and hung it in the closet with my other dress (yep, just one).  I didn't have an "occasion" to wear it, so there it hung.

Last summer, I lost focus on my goals and as a result gained quite a bit of the weight I had lost back.  And I pretty much forgot about the dress.  Earlier this year, I needed a dress to wear to a wedding, Since I had lost a bit of weigh I decided to try on the "new" dress (now a year old).  While I did manage to get it on, it was snug, and I got that "fat girl" sign idea in my head.    So, I went with the other dress, which fit well and made me feel quite lovely.

I've lost about 12 lbs since then, and I am happy to say I finally got to wear that "new dress" today!  I like dresses.  They are lovely, and they make me feel lovely.  I think when I reach my next goal I will treat myself to another new dress.  If I keep buying and wearing dresses, maybe I can reprogram that "fat girl" sign in my head to read "lovely girl" instead!

Here is a lovely girl in a lovely dress!

      -29.6 lbs!!

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  1. I celebrate your dress day. You are an inspiration!