Non-Scale Victories

Even when the scale doesn't show it, we have to celebrate every win! Here is my list of all the wins on this journey so far! Need a place to share your own victories?  Leave them in the comments on this page!
  • Had 30 minutes to spare before needing to get ready to leave to spend time with some friends.  Even though it was not much time, I chose to spend it walking instead of on the couch!
  • Said "NO!" to cookies and other sweets left out for visitors at school.
  • Started Fitness 100 work plan at Private Workout.
  • Went for a walk even though I had already completed a workout that day.
  • Wore my polka dot dress from the back of the closet to church.
  • Walked up to the 6th floor of the parking garage at Main Street Arts Festival.
  • Walked Fort Worth Zoo 5K
  • Ate much less than I normally would have at Table Top Day party.
  • Bought jeans one size smaller!
  • Left part of the "train robber" on my plate instead of finishing it.
  • Did 20 minutes of laps around the theater while waiting for a movie.
  • Reached my first ActiveLink 12 Week challenge goal.
  • Walked 5 miles instead of sitting and waiting for my car to be fixed.
  • Started a blog about my journey!

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