Saturday, June 21, 2014

6 Days to Lose 1.4 lbs!

I am happy to report I've been doing pretty great this week.  I've done an awesome job making sure to get at least 10,000 steps.  The one area I didn't do so well in this week is strength training.  It was a super busy work week, so there just didn't seem to be room in my schedule for that.  I still managed to keep my calories pretty low and meet my other goals though.

Here is my DietBet update!

I am pretty excited about this.  1.4 lbs in 6 days seems totally possible!  I just need to watch my calories, get my steps, and workout as much as possible.  I wonder how many people will meet their goal for the bet?  Any part of the $25,550 would be great of course, but I'm really curious to see how much each winner will get!  I feel pretty sure I can do this!


Monday, June 9, 2014

Fit Bit Zip

One week back on track and I feel like I've made quite a bit of progress.  It was still a work week for me, so I didn't get in as much exercise as I had hoped, but overall I would say it was a win for the week!  I did manage to get in 10,000 steps on at least 5 of the days.  I even walked laps around my coffee table one night to get in those last several hundred! Go me!

Here is what my week on Fit Bit looked like...

I really like my Fitbit Zip! I've become quite obsessed with figuring out how many steps I earn for certain activities.  Here are some of my favorite examples from the week:

  • Walking my boyfriend's dog - about 2,000 steps
  • Dancing the "Cupid Shuffle" - about 800 steps
  • Taking out the trash - about 300 steps
  • Walking around my entire apartment complex - about 2,000 steps
  • One lap around the coffee table - about 20 steps
I've made a plan for working out more this week. Since I only have to go to work on Wednesday this week, it will be much easier to get to the gym. Yay that!