Sunday, May 12, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week

Happy Teacher Appreciation week everyone!  

This is the best week to work in schools, but the worst week to be on a diet!

My spaces were kind of out of control this week.  Everywhere I looked there was temptation!  I definitely said NO more than YES, but the scale has been on a rollercoaster all week.  Up a little one day and down a little the next.  Like this...

I weigh every day at home, and seeing the ups and downs this week was a little discouraging, but I knew the scale was showing the result of my choices.  Overall I'm happy to report a loss for the week!  I lost 2.4, so almost the 3 I was up last week!  

Weeks like this are to be expected, so I'm not discouraged overall.  I know it's just part of this journey I'm on. Here is a bit of inspiration I found recently to remind me to not give up.

I'm resolved to keep going, and have a plan for being more on plan this week!  In fact today I went to the grocery store and stocked the fridge with healthy foods for the week.  Check it out!

When I'm on plan the things you'd find in my fridge are:

  • SmartOnes frozen entrees
  • Fruit and veggies for snacks (already pre packaged into individual servings)
  • Greek yogurt
  • Low fat milk
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Turkey bacon
  • Isopure Protein Drink (I just started drinking this after workouts, they are 40 grams of protein with no carbs)

I actually even spent a little time pre-tracking my meals for the week. I tracked all my breakfast, lunch, and snack choices for the week.  I'm sure they will change a little, but at least most of my tracking is done and I can just make changes as needed.

 -25.8 lbs!

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