Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Downs and Ups

This post is a little late this week.  Truth be told, the scale was up a little this week and I wasn't sure what I wanted to write about that.

I wasn't really surprised at the gain.  I know exactly how it happened. My breakfast and lunch choices were on plan all week, but rather than one (or maybe two) indulgent meals... there were many more.  It's really hard to make good choices when you're "out".  I do much better when dining on my own, than eating out with others.  Last week it seemed for every good choice I made when eating out, I made a terrible choice to go with it.  I found it impossible to pass up the chips, and sweet potato fries.  Then I attended a wedding (the night before weigh in).  I had a plan going in about what I was and wasn't going choose.... then I didn't stick with that plan.  It's funny when your brain is saying one thing, then your mouth says another.  Like when I go to Chipotle, and think "Ok, get the bowl, you love it and you know the point value."  Then my mouth says something like, "I'll have a burrito.. oh, and chips and guacamole with that too."  What?!?!  Betrayed by my own mouth!

I had really hoped to finish losing the cruise gain this week.  That did not happen.  Instead the scale went a bit in the other direction.  Not too much... but still... it stings.  I know this is normal, and something I will have to deal with not only while I'm losing weight, but will continue to deal with long after I reach my goal.  The thing is, I can't let this set back get me down.  I've got to refocus on the plan, and move forward toward the goal!


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  1. You are doing GREAT! One thing that I changed.. and it made the BIGGEST difference was I don't eat after 8pm. Thanks for sharing your journey!