Sunday, March 17, 2013

Not Much To Say

I don't really have a lot to say about the past week.  It was spring break, but I worked 3 of the days at the museum so it didn't really feel like a whole week off. 2 of the other days were spent doing all those errand type things (doctor, car, etc) that I can never seem to get done during the weeks.  So it was a very busy week all together.  I did let loose a little on Friday night and went drinking & dancing with a friend.  We had a blast, and I'm pretty sure I danced enough to make up for the shots. :-)

My non-scale victory (that's what my leader calls the little things that we celebrate, that don't always show up on the scale) for the week was on Friday.  I had to take my car in for some minor repair.  I knew the service was going to take a couple of hours, so I planned out a walking route to a place to eat breakfast.  Rather than sit in the waiting area for my car for those hours, I went on a walk!  I walked about 2 miles to get to the restaurant.  I had a nice breakfast (even thought they messed up my order).  Then I chose to walk back a different route.  I took my time walking back, stopped into a couple of shops on the way.  It was beautiful weather and way better to be outside than sitting at the auto repair place!  All in all I think it was about 5 miles total... a victory indeed!

I'm pleased to report a 1.4lb loss for the week.  Maybe not quite as much as I hoped for, but at least the scale is trending down again! :-)

 -15.2 lbs!

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