Sunday, June 9, 2013

Saying No To Social Events

There have been a lot of opportunities in my life lately to eat and drink.  For the last 2 weeks it seems every time I turn around someone is inviting me to a party or happy hour or something.  As much as I love social events, lately I've been saying no to a lot of them.  I think the people in my life understand why, but I still feel bad for saying no so much.

Right now it is just too hard to stay in control in those environments.  Yes, I have some coping strategies.  And yes, it is possible to stay on plan and still attend those events.  However, it is easier to stay on track without all of those temptations staring at me.

Sometimes I feel so angry that I live in a place that is basically trying to make me fat.  Don't get me wrong... I am happy to be an American and I am SO thankful for the freedoms we have.  But the more I read about healthy habits and nutrition, the more I see how our culture/society is set up to basically help us avoid them all together.  The worst food for you is the cheapest and most readily available.  Combine that with our jobs that are more and more sedentary and the amount of time we spend just sitting in our cars driving from place to place, and you've got a recipe for obesity.   It really makes me mad, that the world around me is set up to help me fail instead of succeed.  Is success still possible?  OF COURSE IT IS!  But it would be a heck of a lot easier if the world weren't out to get me!

 -30.8 lbs (hit another 5lb milestone!)

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