Monday, June 3, 2013

New Challenges

To go along with the Diet Bet I joined, I've decided to amp up my activity for summer and start 3 additional challenges.  I think these challenges will keep me on track as my schedule becomes less structured due to summer break.

Challenge #1: 30-day AB Challenge
I saw this posted on Facebook a couple of weeks ago.  I think abs are the one muscle group you really can't overdo when it comes to toning up, so I've decided to give this challenge a try.  I printed it out and stuck it to my fridge.  Each day of June I intend to add the indicated ab workout to my already consistent strength training.  The first week of the challenge seems so simple... but I know around the middle of week 2 things will get a bit tougher.  I will complete each days challenge even if I have to spread it out on the tougher days!
Challenge #2: New 12-Week ActiveLink Challenge (following a new assessment)
Since completing my last ActiveLink challenge, I have been working hard to maintain my goal of earning at least 3 activity points per day.  I've really amped up my activity over the past few months.  It is such a change from where I started in January!  Rather than just choose a new challenge, I really wanted a chance to redo the assessment so I could compare my results.  My assessment week starts tomorrow.  For the next 7 days ActiveLink will monitor my activity then create a new challenge for me based on the results.  

Challenge #3: Running (kind of)
I am NOT a runner.  I'm not sure I ever will be (or even want to be for that matter).  I don't enjoy it, and I don't have the stamina to do very much of it.  I understand there is some debate over benefits of running vs. walking.   I'm not here to argue one side or the other.  I'm just looking to push my body a little more than I have been.  I typically walk 3 miles in an hour (roughly 20 minutes per mile).  At that pace I can easily walk for 6 miles without tiring out, given I have the time for such.  For this challenge, I am simply going to incorporate short (very short) runs throughout my walk. My goal is to shave about 4 minutes off my average mile time.  I'll be using Run Keeper on my walks to help me keep track of my progress in this area.  I'm sure the summer heat will eventually drive me indoors to the treadmill, but for now I am trying to do an outdoor walk 4 days/week. 

 -28.0 lbs 
(up another .4 this week due to celebrating a friend's bday the night before weigh in)

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