Monday, April 8, 2013


I've had amazing progress over the last 2 weeks!  I'm so excited by the results I am seeing!

I tried to think of what I've done differently these past 2 weeks, and all I can come up with is "sticking to the plan".

The Plan

  • Tracking - I've been very diligent about tracking.  I track my entire day right when I get to work in the morning and that seems to help.  It's really become a routine for me to pack my lunch in the morning, and plan my dinner in advance when possible.  Planning ahead has really helped me have to think about what I'm eating less throughout the day.
  • Fruits & Veggies - I eat at least 5 fruits or vegetable servings every day.  This is usually a banana at breakfast, grapes and clementines at lunch, carrots for a snack, and green beans or brocolli with dinner.  I make it a point to switch up every other week or so.  Instead of grapes I'll have strawberries or something different.  
  • Dining Out - I pretend that chips, french fries, and other high point foods only exist on Sunday.  So I make sure to have a splurge meal on Sunday after weigh in.  Then the rest of the week I just tell myself, "No, you can have that on Sunday if you still want it then."  If I do eat out during the week I try to order fish with vegetables and salad.  It is healthy and low point.  I really enjoy eating fish, but never cook it at home, so getting to have it out during the week seems like a special meal.
  • Activity- I've set my daily goal to earn just 3 activity points per day.  This is easily accomplished as long as I move more at work and do a 30 minute workout of some sort in the evening.  Most days I exceed the goal, but keeping the goal very reasonable keeps me motivated.  I'd rather earn 150% on some see 60% or less on those days I can't do that much.
I feel really settled in my routine over the past 2 weeks, but not bored or stressed, just settled.  It's not too hard.  I've eliminated a lot of temptations by having a simple routine.  This is working for me, and since it isn't as extreme many diets, it seems sustainable.  I'm sure I'll be back here reading this after my next gain.  Hopefully it will help remind me what I need to do if I should forget!  

How much progress have I made over the last 2 weeks?  -7.4 lbs!!!  I'm almost at my first big goal of 10%.  3 months in, and I couldn't be happier with where I am.  Just think, by the end of the year how much will I have lost?

 -23 lbs!!!!

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