Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Getting Back On Track

I'm happy to report I've done a LOT better this week with food choices.  I'm also going to WW on Thursday night for my next weigh in since I missed last week.  I also have a plan for August:

  • Meetings - Attend all 4 Sunday meetings in August.  I'm switching back to my Sunday WW meeting since things kinda went off the rails when I switched meeting times, due to a lot of other factors as well, but figure going back is a good way to get back on track.  I will not miss an August meeting!
  • Tracking - 6 days a week. I've really slacked off on this, and I'm ready to get back to it!
  • Weight Training - 3 times a week
  • Walking/Treadmill - 2 times a week
  • Yoga - once a week
How will I stay on track with my new plan?  I am offering myself a REWARD!  If I meet these goals, I will allow myself a $300 shopping trip for new fall clothes in September.  If I fail, I'm going to do a push-up pyramid (probably my least favorite exercise) as punishment.  I will keep track of my progress using Each day I will check in with health month and record what I did the previous day.  I start the month with 10 hearts and lose a heart each time I fail to reach one of my weekly goals.  If I finish the month with at least one heart, I get my reward!  Health Month is a great way to keep track of your health goals.  They have lots of goals to choose from (many that are not diet related).  Go check it out!

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